Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Mighty Monday Mailbox

* This is a repeat post for those who have been with me for awhile. There are so many friends joining us that I thought it was worth it to post again. Another reader let me know that they resigned up for this and also received the Kong ball. (Like I say in the below post, no guarantee, it says NOTHING about a Kong ball at sign up, but it's worth a shot!

I posted a couple weeks ago about signing up for Mighty Dog Nation Citizenship. The site said it came with a dog tag and some "founding papers." You can imagine how surprised I was to see what arrived in the mail today! A KONG ball! These things are pretty pricey! I also received a dog tag, stickers, and coupons! So, if you missed out, sign up here. Can't guarantee that you will get the same, but you just never know!