Monday, May 23, 2011

Me Vs.The Easter Bunny

Through May 31st, you can score these fabulous little gardening gloves at Ace Hardware for $2.99 and have a sweet little $2.99 mail in rebate to go along with it! All my hopes and dreams of a luscious garden that supplied endless amounts of fruits and vegetables for us and our neighbors was quickly dashed on Easter Sunday when someone let their Easter present loose. I spotted the snow white furball and quickly went out with a peace offering of carrot sticks. Yeah, he ate my garden in a week. And now lives comfortably under my deck. Figuring he won that round, I quickly raised my gorgeous Topsy Turvy planters just out of his reach. At least we would have beautiful Tomatoes! He sat quietly and watched, plotting his revenge. A few weeks went by, and I finally let my guard down. Then the Green Horned Worms moved in.

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