Sunday, May 15, 2011

Read This Stickety Stat!!!!!

Look what I just spotted on Glidden Paint's Facebook page:

"Glidden Paint is going to help you live a more colorful life - for free! Starting at 12:01 AM EST Monday, sign up on for a free quart of paint in any of our 306 colors. We'll even ship it to you! Check out starting at midnight for details."

WOW! A FREE QUART! Ok, I would suggest heading over to Glidden now to pick out your favorite color just in case everyone goes bonkers on this site. I cannot find anything else about this giveaway anywhere (but I did see they are giving out 200,000 gallons! Only one per household.) I am thinking at midnight they are going to have their website updated with information. Remember, this is NOT a Facebook giveaway, it says specifically! Looks like I better brew some coffee! Oh BABY!

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