Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time to Get in Shape!

Well, my love affair with cadbury creme eggs, nachos, chinese food, and honey mustard has led me right to 24 Hr. Fitness (where I should be attached to a treadmill 24/7.) I have been loving it I gotta say, and I happened to score a free 7 day pass (here, through Big Crumbs) so I could check it out first. I hate trying out a new gym because you always have to have that 5 hour conversation with the registration person beforehand. Then they have to give you a 12 hour tour. By the time everything is over, I've already quit. But this time, the man asked me 5 questions, told me I'd love the gym and that he was only there to help (they don't work on commission) and then let me head off to fufill my destiny as the jerk who was texting while falling off the stairmaster.

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  1. just wanted to say i really enjoy your posts, so funny lol