Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bud's House Party!

I blogged a couple weeks ago about how I was picked to host a House Party. I just wanted to show you what came in my package today. Note, I do not have anything stated in my House Party profile that I am a blogger-I was just randomly chosen (although I do think my profile pic of Jon and I toasting with beer might've helped!)

-3 Team USA Frisbees
-20 Budweiser cups
-1 Budweiser beach ball
-24 Budweiser coozies
-1 Budweiser tray
-1 Bottle of Budweiser BBQ sauce
-3 "Grab Some Bud" T-Shirts
-1 Budweiser apron
-1 Johnsonville coupon
-1 Kingsford Charcoal coupon
-1 ($30) Mail in Rebate to purchase Budweiser (6 -pack and up.)
-15 ($5) Mail in Rebates for guests to purchase Budweiser (6 pack and up.)
-1 ($10) Visa gift card to purchase meat to grill or any other party supplies.

Keep applying to those parties, because they sure are awesome if you get selected! Check out their website here!

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