Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Daily 3-Day 2!

Yesterday I focused solely on surveys for ways to make (and save) a little extra money. I hope to make my Daily 3 a little bit more diverse in future postings. If you have any great tips, practices, or ways that you like to make "free money" please email me at! If your idea is posted, I'll send you a envelope of coupons!

Speaking of coupons, one of my favorite ways to earn free money is with coupons! There are lots of stuff for free at the stores right now-drugstores seem to have a handle of the fast world of couponing and are adjusting to attract new customers. For the newbies just starting off in the couponing world, there are a some great websites that you can print coupons from: - They have been changing their coupons alot more frequently and have been coming out with a lot of high value coupons lately. - They are also a good resource, though not nearly the amount of coupons they used to have in the past. and (also run by Kellogg's, so you should just need your Kellogg's account id and pass to sign in.) - They have limited amounts of coupons of each, but they are often really good. I have found coupons on Snackpicks that I haven't found anywhere else before. Kellogg's has had some great ones as well, including $3 off on 5 products, etc. Combined with a great sale, you could be getting items for free or close to it.

I can't "extreme coupon", (I don't have the time, patience, or room) but I do pretty good, getting a couple items a week for free and cutting my grocery bill at least in half using the above resources (plus the Sunday paper.) Hope these will help you too!

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