Friday, June 17, 2011

Turn Your Buns Into Rolls!

Now, my mother will probably die when she reads this BUT I've been thinking about "other uses" for items. Last night, I was quite pleased with myself when I actually thought of an idea for our leftover hamburger buns (bare with me.) Since we are a family of 3 and are stuck buying 8-10 buns, our leftover buns get stale before we use them. Last night while making pasta I decided I was gonna try to turn those buns into something spectacular. Hence Allie's recipe for DELICIOUS (leftover hamburger buns) Cheesy Bread!

-Any amount of buns you have laying around, just make sure you open them up and lay each side (inside up) on a baking sheet.
-Spread with butter!
-Dash with garlic powder!
-Dash with dried basil (or oregano, rosemary, parsley.)
-Sprinkle with shredded cheese (I had a combo of mozzarella and parmesan.)
-Bake at 425 until golden (about 6-7 minutes- or the amount of time it takes to stitch up the wound from the knife falling on your foot.)

If you have a great "other use" story, email me with it at!

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