Saturday, June 18, 2011

What's Your Real Age?

I banished my Wii to the closet floor the last time it tried to tell me my "real" age - 47 (it also squealed when I stepped on the scale so that didn't exactly help it's cause either.) So, I was a little hesitant for the next offer that popped up to discover your "real" age courtesy of Dr. Oz (I can't exactly fit him into my closet.) Nonetheless, I gotta face the facts and get healthy, so I went for it. 37.6! Not bad considering I'm 31.6. It took a little time (about 15 minutes to complete) but I liked that at the very end it gave me a list of all the things that were making me younger, and all the things that were making me older (bye, bye bacon, sniff, sniff.) Check it out here if you are looking for some good tips on health and exercise.

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