Friday, July 22, 2011

My Freebie Run!

My Target and Wal-Mart Freebie run!

Surprisingly the 4 trillion degree heat in South Florida didn't melt my brain when I went for a quick freebie run this afternoon. Or did it? Anyway, for all those who were concerned about the Chiquita coupons, I found them at my Waldo-World for just .98 (the Apples and Caramel singles.) And although the cashier gave me the stink eye the whole time, everything scanned just fine. So, between Targ and WalMart, I got 6 packages of pens (to donate as school gets closer), 4 Tic-Tacs (yum!), 2 Ben-Gay (gotta get back to the gym STAT) 4 Golds Bond travel lotions, and 5 Chiquita singles for .48 (which was tax.) Pretty groovy!

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