Friday, July 29, 2011

NCP Open!

Nielsen is once again accepting applications to be on their Consumer Panel! Last time, I know some of you were put on a waiting list, so if you are interested in applying I would do so today! I FINALLY got accepted last time around! If you are unfamilar with Nielsen Home Scan Consumer Panel, it is another great way to earn a little extra money and rewards. It is extremely easy-once you are accepted, Nielsen will send you out a handheld scanner and you just scan all your groceries each week and transmit it back to them! There is NO cost to you. (What's even better is that you no longer need a landline to participate!) Also, many readers have reported being sent anywhere from $5-$30 in cash for logging what they watch on TV! Check them out here!


  1. I would caution anyone who thinks this is related to Neilsen Ratings. We were a Neilsen Family and they do not take applications for the TV Ratings program. It is strictly by chance and they contact you, not the other way around. However, if you ARE ever presented with the opportunity, take it. It's a very rewarding experience.

  2. :( They are not recruiting in Eugene, OR right now