Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Participate In A Study For FREE Healthcare and Money!

If you are looking to earn a little extra cash and are suffering from one of the below medical conditions, you might just be in luck! There are several medical study opportunities available that are providing free medical care, free medications, and compensation to boot! Check them out and see if you qualify!

-A Rheumatoid Arthritis Study is open to male and females 18 or older who live in certain zipcodes in the following states: MA, CT, NY, PA, DE, VA, NC, SC, GA, FL, AL, KY, OH, MO, TX, CO,AZ, CA, OR WA. Qualified participants may receive free study-related medication in pill form, free study-related care from a local study doctor, free study-related health assessments and compensation of up to $650 for time and travel. Click here for more info and to see if you qualify.

-A Diabetes with Hypertension Study is open to people living in certain zipcodes in the following states: NY, SC, GA, AL, TN, OH, IL, WI, OK, TX, AZ, or CA. Qualified participants may receive free study medication or placebo, free study health assessments, free blood sugar testing supplies for use during the study, free diet and exercise counseling during the study  and compensation for completing the study. I had a friend of mine complete a study for Diabetes once and she loved it because they bought her groceries for a month (she had to eat very healthy-fresh fruits and vegetables and a certain amount of grains.) Worth checking out! Head on over here.

-A Allergy Study is looking for qualified participants ages 5-65 who suffer from seasonal allergies and live in the following states: NY, PA, MD, MA, OH, MI, MO, CO, UT, CA, OR, WA, RI, CT, or NJ. If selected you will receive study-related doctor visits and examinations up to 15 months, investigational oral medication, allergy medications during the 2012 pollen season and compensation for time and travel. See if you qualify here!

Let me know if you are selected and how you like participating!

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