Monday, August 22, 2011

Are Your Opinions Valuable?

Many of you like to earn a few extra bucks each month taking surveys. I always get emails or comments asking if this survey company and that survey company are legit. I will only post survey companies (and offers for that matter) that I use myself. I don't ever want to steer anyone in the wrong direction. When offers pop up the first thing I do is go up to my Swagbucks toolbar and type in "Valued Opinions Scam" or "Swagbucks Scam" or whatever the offer may be. I then read through endless comments. I'd be willing to say that I don't post 60% of the stuff that comes across my plate each day. Below are just a few of my favorites if you are just getting started. From all 4 combined, I have earned over $300 in the last 4 months just from survey taking and searching the web.


-Valued Opinions

-Opinion Outpost

-My Survey

Let me know how you are making some extra cash each month! If your story is featured, I'll send you a $10 gift card! Email Allie at

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