Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Earn Some Extra Spending Dough!

I'm sitting here blogging, watching X-Factor (LOVE it), and catching up on a few survey opportunities. I don't have time to do as many as I used to, but I can still earn $30 a month doing surveys (and that's just survey money-no referrals etc.) I like to have that little bit extra to treat us to dinner out, or splurge on something just for myself. Synovate is one of my favorite survey and product testing companies. A few readers have emailed me now to let me know they were sent full size products to try and give their opinions on. They are on a point system for their surveys, which you can then redeem for a check or voucher to online retailers ($5 = 5000 points.) I completed one survey (about 15 minutes) for 1500 points if that helps put it in perspective. Sign up here and let me know if you get chosen to try anything!

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