Saturday, September 10, 2011

How About Christmas

Alot of you are going to roll your eyes when you see this picture/post but since I do write a "money-saving" themed blog, I gotta bring it up. Christmas! It's fair to say that Christmas for me used to run about $1,000 all said and done (this was pre-kids as well.) Now, I am in the $400-$500 range (including a WHOLE bunch of toys for Liam.) I cut it in half by not waiting till the last minute, and using every deal opportunity that came across my plate to think "who might like something like this?" The $4 movie tickets? Perfect for my nephew! The $9.99 Sorel slippers (regularly $59.99)? My father-in-law needs a new pair! The scrapbooking supplies I brushed past at the clearance racks at Target for 75% off? Great gift for Mom! So now, come September 10th, my Christmas shopping is 85% complete. I only have Jon and my Mother-in-law left to buy for. Since my "job" is to save you money and find you freebies, you'll start to notice the above graphic in posts where there are some good deals for you to scoop up and pack away for the holiday season. There will also be a link to all the "How About Christmas?" posts on the blog. Let's see if you can spend 30, 40, or maybe even 50% less than what you did last year!


  1. Where did yu get the Sorel slippers? Are they all gone? Thanks !

  2. It was a post that I reposted from Life With Coupons. I just went back and checked and the price has gone back up to $59.99. :(