Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Save A Buck Challenge

It's simple-just challenge yourself to not spend a single penny all day! That might mean packing your lunch, brewing your own coffee, taking your kids to the playground instead of the museum,  resisting the afternoon candy bar run (oh, that's just me?) Can you do it? If you can refrain from spending, you can enter! (And, to keep it simple, I'm only thinking of "purchases" not "turning off the lights, showering in the cold" etc. Love you Facebook gals and guys!) This challenge will be for tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday. You'll gain one entry for each day that you don't spend (for a total of 2 entries per person if you don't spend for 2 days.) I wanted to let you know about it tonight, so you can prepare in advance.We'll be working on the honor system here so if you cheat, well, then you cheat. But I hope you won 't. I hope it'll inspire you to try something new and save a few bucks ;) Entries will be accepted via Rafflecopter which I will post tomorrow night. The prize? A $25 gift certificate to to reward yourself with some cute jewelry!


  1. I LOVE this! I have been working really hard to take my lunch AND to make my own drinks at home.

    This will be fun!

  2. I buy each week setup what i going to have for breakfast and lunch bring to work and make each and everyday. egg whites with bacon bits and sandwich with soup cheese stick for my snack. i save about 50.00 a week now.