Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Twid!!!

This is my BEST friend Anthony, and today is his birthday. Anthony and I could very well be polar opposites. He shops at Neiman's, I shop with a 15 pound coupon binder . He wants $1300 Louboutin sneakers, and I refuse to pay more than 13 cents for a 6 month supply of shampoo. Anthony and I have been best friends since high school. We went to junior AND senior prom together, have cross country road tripped together, ran across Rt. 44 at midnight for hot fudge sundaes together, turned ourselves orange with sunless tanner together, built forts using Lysol cans as hammers together, and countless other acts of stupidity and hilarity. He is still the one person who can make me laugh the loudest and longest. Our friendship has spanned Massachusetts, New York, Utah, San Francisco, West Palm Beach, and Seattle.We have survived 29 brushes with death, 16 cars, 12 heartbreaks, 2 electrocutions, and 1 birth between us. And as different as one pair of best friends can be (he would shed blood before cutting a coupon or shopping at a store that has racks) he was still the first person to follow my blog devoted to getting stuff for free. But that's the funny thing about friendship isn't it?


  1. LOL!!! This is hysterical!! It sounds completely preposterous, but every bit of it is completely true!!! hahaha
    love you twid xoxoxox

  2. how fun is that!?!?! love this post ..happy birthday anthony-head! ..sarah b.

  3. LOL, Happy Birthday Twid :)