Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Check Those Inserts!

Normally every Tuesday I get a giant wad of papers in my mailbox that goes immediately into recycling. Today however, I wanted to recheck something in the CVS ad and went digging. I was pretty happy I did! I found a Burger King coupon book with $35 worth of coupons in it (including a FREE 4 piece chicken tender-no purchase necessary!) I also found a great insert for Publix, featuring coupons that you can use on formula, diapers, and Johnson products. Now, I've been out of that game (whew) for a little while so if anyone would like the Publix baby coupons, the first person to comment on this post on Facebook can have them. Note, they are only valid from September 1-7 so I would need to send them out tomorrow.

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