Saturday, August 13, 2011

Grow Your Stash Saturday!

I posted a question a couple weeks ago on Facebook on how you are earning some extra dough on the side. My idea was to get the creative juices flowing and get you thinking of things you might be really good at, that can help earn you a little more money. The following comes from reader Lynelle who works full time as a Bus Driver. As a way to earn a little extra scratch, she repairs the school bus seats. This is a great job for someone who knows how to sew/upholster. You might even know of a contact within the schools who could help get your foot in the door. I wanted to highlight this job because it cost Lynelle NO money to start up. She makes around $1600 a month extra doing this kind of work (depending on the hours she puts in.) Pretty good! Lynelle writes, "it starts as small as learning to sew on a button. Make sure you can do work that people can refer you to other people."

-Thank you Lynelle!

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